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Inaugurated: Rama-navami Day (2011 April 12)

Head Library: Buck White (Piggy)

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“The library is the heart of the institution”, Srila Prabhupada (Prabhupada Said, Vol.1137, Pg. 267)


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Wandering around in the mind of Radharani


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Things are a little disorganized here but if you look for them you might find something you need. If you click on the following link it will give you a list and links to all the files in the Archives:



Below are some explanations of the file titles. If you need help write to us at the Blog mentioned in the Kapi Dhvaja Letters to the Editor.


abc   -  These are all of  our American Bhagavata Curriclum Files

abc-desc.txt   What is the ABC

abc-ipr.doc    Interim Prospectus Report

abc-ndx.doc   Index of Topics

abc-sar.doc   Srimad Bhagavatam Annual Review.


americanbobba.doc     One of  Uncle Gismo’s Idea of Sannyasa


asa – these are Anjana Suta Academy file groups.

asa-noi.doc   Nectar of Instruction with all of our Study Notes.

asa-noi-promo.ppt  This is a short PPT called Three Minutes with a Genious. You can extract it, or run it as a Kiosk for NOI program promotion.


bahula.ppt  A show about Bahula the  cow.                                                

bb.txt   Don’t know what this is?

bud-bhag.doc   Explanation of  who is Lord Buddha from Prabhupada’s perspective.

bvlibrary.ppt    Guess this is the same as the one above.  Maybe more recent.

conkr.doc   An unfinished manuscript from HpSCONtemplations on a Krsna Book.


dtc -    All these “dtcs” are Monkey/Piggy’s Diarys of a Traveling Creature. The are by date (yy/mm/dd)


gismos.doc   Continually updated list of Uncle Gismos gadgets, sources, ideas etc.

guru-tattwa.txt   What we understand about Guru.

hanuman.mp3   Clip from the Japanese cartoon Ramayana

hed-appendix.doc   Don’t know?    Old dude.

hed-desc.txt    Description of the News letter.

hps-bio-nios.txt   Bio Data for HpSwami from NIOS

intro-psych.ppt   A show for University psychology classes.

japatreer.ppt    Our ideas on Japa.

jouwes.txt   The Chinese Classic Journey to the West.   Big file.  See Wikipedia.


links.txt   Some Links of interest.  Updated a while ago.



lob – These are Light of the Bhagavata symposium files.

lob-5feb08-rice.ppt   All the LOB files are for the Light of the Bhagavata Symposium.    This was the show at Rice University.

lob-esp.ppt   Espanol

lob-notes.doc   Notes.

lob-poster.doc    Sample Poster.

lob-sb10-20.doc   The original SB BBT Text.

lob-sym-production.doc   A full manual for the symposium.

lob-test-1.rtf     Test??

lob.doc    ????


meditation.ppt   A University Meditation lecture show.

mindingmonkey.doc     Another HpS unfinished Manuscript.

mindingmonkey.txt    Same.


PdpPada Padma file group, 1st 2-cantos of Bhagavatam.

pdp-1-2-canto-sum.ppt    All the PdP files are for our Seminar on the First Two Cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam – Krsna’s lotus feet.

pdp-1-2_canto_sum.ppt     1 & 2 Canto Summary

pdp-12-canto-sum.ppt   1-12 Canto Summary.

pdp-12_canto_sum.ppt    Same??

pdp-csg.doc    Chapter Study Guides.

pdp-manual.doc   Seminar Manual.

pdp-mod-1.doc   Module One


pdp-sb2-3-29.ppt   Shows on Specific PdP verses.









peru_flute.wma    Music Goes with the Hanuman clip for the “Japa Tree” ppt show.

rs-19-es.doc    Rupa SiksaEspanol.   CC2.19


www.jayarama.us/archives/tpp.doc   This is the current Tava Pache Pache Afterwords to the Nectar of Instruction. It starts as a Study Guide for Bhakti Sastri.

sankhya-1.ppt   These are two shows that we use to explain, Sankhya, Vedic Philosophy of Nature.


seattle2oct.doc   ?  LOB File for Temple Fund Raising.

sms-1.ppt   San Marcos Seminars….   The Peru Symposium





tpp ASA afterwords to Srila Prabhupada’s books.

tpp.doc  Current Tava Pache PacheAfterwords to the Nectar of Instruction.


Ug- Uncle Gismo file group.

ug-sound-clips.ppt   UG Stuff.