Kapi Dhvaja

2017 April 26

Madhusudana-amavasya – (6.1)


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Wandering Miscreants

It was seventeen hard hours travel from the Castle in Spain to our Cottage in Tennessee. Few days to recover and then been keeping a regular schedule: Always remember (smatavyam) Krsna. Never forget Krsna. Our roof is half fixed. Some water dripping into the office. The office door has expanded and won’t open. Have to use the other door. Handy-man, James, comes by tomorrow.

Health is O.K. We make many mistakes using our body and mind perfectly for Krsna, but getting better. Become perfect servants!


Most of our work has been NIOS administrative stuff and the ISKCON Educational Symposium in Seattle in June, but our passion turns us to some hours of esoteric writing.


Updated 2017 April 26th at: www.jayarama.us/kd/cal.htm

Next Kapi Dhvaja = 10th May

We will be in Murfreesboro until the 1st of June then we take off for the West Coast. We are still struggling for this India, Australia, Hawaii travel. Hard to get a decent ticket. For sure we will sit down from 26 July, after returning from South America, until 26th September. Then, like 97% sure we will head for India and GBC/Education Meetings for like three weeks. Then… ? ?? …maybe to Australia and back to USA, or going on to Hawaii and Pacific Northwest ($2,000)???


Jagad-guru is working on Chile visit.


LAD and ART have helped us with the Peru, Bolivia calendar.


Still planning on leaving this body 2024, and you?

Letters to the Editor     

www.jayarama.us/kd/lte.htm tells how to contact us.

·       Blog-Mail is lagging to 12-days delay on some letters, but we are writing pretty regularly and watching for posts labeled “URGENT”. Should catch up.

·       Twitter.com,Huber_Robinson”, very active with several poems.

American Bhagavata Curriculum


·       FMP – Daily 4.30-5.30AM at Startmeeting.com (SM) [Access number 992 055 489]

·       SB with BOISE - Sunday 12.15-12.45 noon. SB 1.3.9-19 at SM

·       Bhakti-vaibhava Workshop [Europe] – Monday 1.30PM at SM

·       Bhakti-sastri Workshop – Wednesday 7-8.30PM at SM. We are on NOD Chapters 17 and 18.

·       Hawaii SB Classes – Thursday 11-12.15AM. Look for “E-sanga” on the web. Now on SB 3.22

·       Bhakti-vaibhava Workshop – Saturday 8-9AM at SM. We are starting essay writing reviews. We will all finish 100 pages by June 17th



·       NIOS

Psychology and the SacredIt’s up on the BNP web-page. We posted a letter on the Blog where we introduced Yadunandana Swami to Prof. Juan Dejo, S. J. with the intention of developing a book on Comparisons of Monastic Traditions in Gaudiya Vaisnavism and Society of Jesus we would hope it would attract thousands of young men [women to monastic life].

Art and the Sacred – It is getting critical. Abhirama is trying valiantly to get the new Director of BNP onboard so that we can go ahead with the Ambassador of India, ICCR et al. We have to do that in the next few days or look for a new co-sponsor or readjust our strategy completely.

Grantsmanship – NIOS just gave $5000 for Grants Development to Meta-Soft Corporation [with a money back guarantee] for developing $50,000 grants for all its work. Rama-giridhari Das is now on the Board of Directors of NIOS

Education in Ancient India Book – Still asking and receiving final articles and waiting for Promo Flyer from RGD.

Kolkatta – Still need to plan with Mukundalila Das, Purusottama-kesava et al, to engage Students et al writing for Solaris.

·       MOE–Seattle Conference - Visvambara Das and Mother Subra DD are meeting to organize their content.  Still no news from Vais but Anantarupa Das is coming. Time to close the Participant’s Registration and start the Public Invitation.

·       ASA

o   TPP-Composition Book, new format, went to Lokanatha Das in Berkeley.

o   No progress on the NOI transcriptions.

o   TB/BW have channeled an unknown story about Sherlock Holme’s cousin in Warp World 9. It is at www.jayarama.us/archives/hymnes-1-docx

o   Our Solaris offering will be sent by the 30th. Yours?

·       Wandering Miscreants: Where-ever you go, whomever you meet, tell them about Krsna, “yare dekhe...”. Take a few books with you. So many chances to give them out.




Still gotta send the North-East initiations info to Nama-acharya Das. We are getting this stuff done.



Essay 170426

No Small Feat

In the Bible it says if you meet a man who has controlled his tongue, you have met a perfected man. Prabhupada says that if you must eat late at night, eat potatoes. So we are planning on eating one potato Prasada every afternoon this next fortnight to destroy our temptation for Burfi and Rasagullas.

It is so much different when you think, “What does my body need for its service”, than when you ask Lord Nrmhadeva, “What does Your Body need to need for Your work”?

Sing, dance [bath] before, during, every offering for your Lord’s satisfaction!

Uncle Gismo


Looking at different Phablets. If we can get one with Blue tooth, external keyboard then we probably can travel without a computer!

$$$ - ASA


Piggy’s Parting Pearls.

6.06PM. NGD will call in a few minutes. Then we will go three miles to his house and go walking for 44-minutes. I can’t go inside yet because M. Matsya is quarantined. We tried to upload the Calendar and the Hymnes files but Globat is not working. Last time it cleared up. We will send them with the Yahoo Groups letter!

Improvise to keep the Vaidhi bhakti going!!

See you in 1728+++, Sankirtan, Blog!!!