Kapi Dhvaja

2017 July 8

Vamana-purnima – (8.1)


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Wandering Miscreants

We continued in Lima with nights in Wilson (City Center) and Chosica, weekend retreat town. Always programs with devotees are so intense. It is cold and not central heating like USA. Cold and damp, so your body has hard work.

Such nice association with Nandulal Das, Puspa gopal Das et al.

While in Chosica we replaced our flute, visited with Cantuta University, and then back in Lima were the three daze of sessions with National Library, Jesuit and San Marco University. All the presentations were just incredibly substantial on “Psychology and the Sacred”.


What to do with Peru new?   Basically we have cancelled any impetus from us for “Art and the Sacred 2018”. We will see if anybody has any push and we will try to calm down and follow the Lord in the Heart, not the stomach.


On the airplane to Santiago.

Zooom!      Zooooooooom!      ZOOM!


Like 46-degrees Celsius here. Everyday BIG programs with Yoga Center, Judo Center, ISKCON Centers. Many devotees, disciples, from Argentina, Brazil etc.

Hamlet and Arjuna in the National Library was beyond description. Russian classical violinists, National Poet Laureate, Raul Zurita.  Ha!!!!

Got fever. Speaking three hours/day with swollen thoat.

O.K. Here we go. “Jung and the Bhagavata” today.



Updated 2017 July 10th at: www.jayarama.us/kd/cal.htm

Next Kapi Dhvaja = 22nd July (9.1)

1.  We are in ISKCON Santiago until next Wednesday and then to ISKCON Lima. Details at the link above.

2.  We arrive back in USA on the 26th of July. We will be in enroute in Mexico from 6.30AM to 3.00PM. What service can we offer in Sridhama ISKCON Mexico?

3.  As soon as we land USA we can start organizing further programs such as the ISKCON Education Journal, working with Mayapura Institute for Sastric Education.

4.  Then we have, last of two cheap tickets, Houston to Nashville, Monday the 31st. Any specific service in Houston?

5.  Kapi Dhvaja (9.2), 2017 August 7, will be dedicated to “Education with ISKCON on the Western Hemisphere”.      Watch Blog for developing service details.

6.  We will be having a big festival in Murfreesboro with our local Yatra and others on Labor Day weekend – Vamana Dvadasi, Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura Tiro-bhava, Anniversary of Srila Prabhupada’s Sannyasa and NOI! Join us! www.jayarama.us/labor.htm

Letters to the Editor

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·        Blog-Mail is often on standby while traveling. We are answering some posts as much as we can but if you put “URGENT” in the Subject Field we should spot it for immediate attention. We are posting DTCs.

·        Twitter.com, “Huber_Robinson”, is also little shaky while traveling, but going out.      Haw!!   Ray!!!      Haw!   Ray!!

American Bhagavata Curriculum

~Regular Programs

1.  Saturday-Morning, ABC Pada-padma Workshop. We always try very, very hard to maintain this wherever we are and to broadcast it through www.startmeeting.com, Meeting Number 992-055-489 (STM). We are working on our PdP Chapter Study Guides: www.jayarama.us/archives/pdp-csg.docx. We added and essay, “Preaching Strategies in the First Two Cantos” and by next week we will have added a section in the Preface on “Philosophy and Strategy for Education”.

2.  Monday 8.30PM Croatia. PdP -Europe with Nama-acharya Das.

3.  Wednesday Evening, Bh. Sastri Workshop. 7P.M. Nashville time, STM, with changes noted by Twitter and Blog and here.

4.  Thursday-10AM, SB Hawaii
Suspended while traveling

5.  4.30-5.30AM Daily, Full Morning Program On-line. Adjusted to local programs while traveling. Details in Blog and Twitter


·        NIOS

o   Psychology and the SacredPhenomenol success, 26-28 June Lima, Peru. Now ART et al are editing the video summary and then will post it on YouTube.com.

o   Art and the Sacred -  Lima, June July 2018, seems to be basically cancelled due to lack some essential local support, Indian Embassy et al, but ART says that Ramon has some suggestions.

o   Education in Ancient India Book: Lost contact with Prof. Samaresh. Will try to contact him soon.

·        MOE – ISKCON Education Journal.

·        Wandering Miscreants: Where-ever you go, whomever you meet, tell them about Krsna, “yare dekhe...”. Monkey and Piggy are still writing TPP (Afterwords to the Nectar of Instruction).




So compelling to get up early when we are living in a B’cari Ashrama like here in Santiago. About 12-25 devotees for, cold, Mangala-arati, Japa, each day.

Mrs. Anka Varda, Yadu Das’ wife, is now Apurva-sundari Devi Dasi and David Leyton is Dandaka-aranya Das and Martin Morris is Mandara-sakha Das. AGTSP! We wish them all success in their spiritual journey, hope to hear from them in the Blog and will send the details to Nama-acharya Das for posting in the next few days.

Uncle Gismo


This HP Elite 3x with the Logitech K380 blue-tooth keyboard is doing very, very well. They synch easily and then we can type well and see the screen. All the cursor controls work. We can use a full keyboard for the Blog.

Then, there are full computers for borrowing everywhere. Now we are using Parasurama Das’ father’s computer. It is little slow, but with our Monkey Brains USB drive we carry in our Bead Bag, it is our computer. Got 99% of our computer files on another USB but left the computer in Tennessee – so much less weight and security!



Simplest process is just to take our bucket lid and little cup-can to SB class and then join the line for Prasadam after class. Honor Prasadam with the devotees once a day in the morning and then hot-milk, 5.00PM, after everything.

$$$ - ASA

Will post next KDh.

Piggy’s Parting Pearls.

Always takes most of the afternoon to write this KDh, but then we have all of our files updates. Now it is 4.18PM in the VIP room in the b`cari ashrama in the ISKCON Santiago Temple. There are only two little windows in the top of the balcony door. That makes it a little depressing. We would like to go for a walk and get a little sun but it is only like 65-degrees outside and we are still in convalescent stage from fever with rather swollen vocal cords.

It is really amazing how much we learn about the body from doing this ISKCON yoga. We should have been immobilized for several days from fever and throat, but we are moving along a reasonable pace.

We take time to rest and Krsna helps so much.

Many devotees have flown from Argentina such as Narayana Para Das and his wife; Champakalata Devi Dasi, Ambarisa Das, Panca-tattva and Adi-yajna Das, Japa-nama-rama Das from Panama, Maria from Brazil, so of course there is a LOT of serious discussion and consultation.


O.K. Let’s publish.


We have to prepare Jung this evening and chant few rounds in transit.

Thank you.