Kapi Dhvaja

2018 March 17

Visnu-amavasya (5.1)


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Wandering Miscreants

Hare Krsna! Hare Rama!    Now we sit in a rustic suite, atop a crackling hacienda on the edges of Chosica, a different kind of town, 32-km from Lima, in the middle of a spiritual retreat organized by NIOS, Peru. How are you?

We can’t answer you through the Blog because in this NIOS Americas Tour we are just a little clog.

The Tour left Houston after Gaura-purnima and stopped for a night in Mexico. The girl on the other side of our row on the airplane was the niece of the Cardinal of Texas. She asked a lot of questions and wanted to stay in touch and we gave here a NOI. Maybe it will also go to her Uncle.

In Mexico we had very nice chance to talk with the devotees and broadcast this NIOS work.

Our seat partner on the flight to Lima was a sharp Australia Dude who was a senior ambulance medic and had a lot of questions and enough mystical experiences. We learned a lot from him.

Lima, Callao, has been a rush: GBC Zonal Supervisors, National Councils, Personal Castrophies, Universities, Rectors, National Poets, Historians, Lunch…

Because we are being moved from one intense personal meeting to the next and our internet connection is about 91% we cannot answer much Blog mail.

Our suite mate is H. G. Abhirama Thakura Das. We are expecting the Dean of Humanities from the Antonio Ruiz, Jesuit University, to come at any moment with some other monks. We will be living with him for 24-hours. These programs are intensely demanding but can be intensely productive.


Updated 2018 ??? at: www.jayarama.us/kd/cal.htm

Next Kapi Dhvaja = March 31st.

In Chosica until tomorrow, then back to Callao for two nights then Cusco, La Paz, Cochabamba, Sao Paolo one night each and a week working for the GBC College.

Letters to the Editor     

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American Bhagavata Curriculum

o   Daily and Weekly Programs can be found in the Calendar above but they are all disturbed by the travel.

o   Projects

·      NIOS

o   Art and the Sacred (Solaris Magazine) – We got the movie from Oscar, Art and the Sacred, A Pilgrim’s Progress. It is GREAT x 5. It is based on Spanish which is an enormous market, but it should go out in English also. We have an incredible team: Oscar, Dr. Samaresh, Ramon . . . Plans are shaping up for October and November events.

We arranged a short “Hello” phone call between Miguel, who is Editor for Solaris, and Dr. Samaresh, who is Head of Advisory Board of NIOS. Now we are hoping for an article describing Miguel’s strategy thoughts for Solaris.

o   Education in Ancient India Book – We are doing very little on the book but Prof is pushing it forward..

o   NIOS Nashville – Fall Festival has tried very hard to bring Madhua Das and the Festival of India but it looks like a flop, so we will rebound and maybe shoot for Vamana-dvadasi weekend with the most dynamic festival in ISKCON.

·      MOE [ISKCON Ministry of Education]

o   Viplava (Revolution) #3 – Is at (TTD)

o   Jayam, the Latin American Viplava is published. We are trying to get it up on the Ministry Webpage, but we will post it somewhere and let you know. It is very good.

o   GBC College, Latin America – We are ready for the meeting. We think we are promoting a Varna Ashrama Dharma component to the curriculum.

o   Sastric Education – We need to write a letter to Badri Swami and everyone about Sastric Studies in Boise and work on the Alachua element.

·      ASA - Lectures by HpS/ASA by the mercy of Srinatha-krsna Das are at: https://soundcloud.com/user-938973912 and can now be downloaded.

·      Wandering Miscreants: Where-ever you go, whomever you meet, tell them about Krsna, “yare dekhe...”. Take a few books with you. So many chances to give them out.



Five wonderful devotees took initiation:

Maria Bernarda (Ter-kadamba’s esteemed sister) is Malati-dharani Devi Dasi,

Rukmini Sanabria is Rukmini Devi Dasi,

Miguel Serrano is Megha-pushpa Das,

Juan Espego is Jana-pavana Das,

Lourdes Ulloa is Lavanya-mangala Devi Dasi.

We Will (TTD) send the file to Sripad Nama-acharya Das to post in our disciple records.

We have slowed to almost a standstill in reviewing the Annual Reports. Our eyes can only handle so much computer screen any day, but we will persist.

Uncle Gismo


Our luggage and paraphernalia working really well. We should record an Uncle Gismo, Sannyasa Dharma Workshop.

Had nice meeting with Patraka Ji, our ASA translator. His health is in a very, very dangerous position, but the prognosis is good.

$$$ - ASA

Next issue. We delivered ART Das’s computer. He paid $155 and NIOS paid $500 and Gopinatha Das contributed about $600. Abhirama Ji is working very hard. He is becoming a very nice devotee. He inspires us.

Piggy’s Parting Pearls.

1.42PM. We are feeling starved. There is a Nrsmhadeva Kirtan below. This retreat is going well. The temple is a 15-minute walk away. We have Arati, Prasada here and Yoga class and we gave a Mantra Yoga class. Many people are coming for the first time. Nity-kishori Devi Das is doing very well. So many people are doing well. We can’t even begin to mention all of them.

There is room for improvement for sure!

We are helping with Radha Madana-bihari’s service.

This Hacienda is about 7-cottages and buildings with geese, chickens, water fall, gardens.

Let’s go downstairs now and meet the people.

When will the Dean of Antonio Ruiz come?

When will we get online access to edit this and send it.

When will we leave this body?

When can we contact NGD, Subal-sakha, Sri(ni)vasa et al.

Hari Bolo!