Kapi Dhvaja

2017 May 10

Madhusudana-purnima– (6.2)


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·       GBC Secretary, H. G. Tamohara Das.

·       Editors, Tom Brown, Buck White et al.

·       Branch Head, H. H. Hanumatpresaka Swami.

·       Published each New and Full-moon day.

Wandering Miscreants

The office door and the two leaking faucets are 90% fixed. We had to help.

We still spend a lot of time in NIOS administrative stuff and the ISKCON Educational Symposium in Seattle in June, but also the West coast tour and the South America tour.

Everyday we go to NGD house and then go walking for 44-minutes.

Everyday full morning program.

Full evening program is too weak.


Updated 2017 April 26th at: www.jayarama.us/kd/cal.htm

Next Kapi Dhvaja = 25th May

We will be in Murfreesboro until the 1st of June, then we take off for the West Coast. We bought the India ticket. We leave for India and Australia 27th September and get back 8th November.

Please give us your advice when we should go to Australia and places within India.

Jagad-guru is working on Chile visit.

LAD and ART have helped us with the Peru, Bolivia calendar.

Still planning on leaving this body 2024, and you?

Letters to the Editor     

www.jayarama.us/kd/lte.htm tells how to contact us.

·       Blog-Mail is just three days behind now.

·       Twitter.com,Huber_Robinson”, very active with several poems.

American Bhagavata Curriculum


·       FMP – Daily 4.30-5.30AM at Startmeeting.com (SM) [Access number 992 055 489]

·       SB with BOISE is kind of in suspension. We are working to get it going.

·       Bhakti-vaibhava Workshop [Europe] – Monday 1.30PM at SM

·       Bhakti-sastri Workshop – Wednesday 7-8.30PM at SM. We are on NOD Chapters 19.

·       Hawaii SB Classes – Thursday 11-12.15AM. Look for “E-sanga” on the web. Now on SB 3.22

·       Bhakti-vaibhava Workshop – Saturday 8-9AM at SM. We are still on essay writing reviews. This week will be Canto Three.



·       NIOS

Psychology and the SacredIt’s up on the BNP web-page. We are closing Solaris now.

Art and the Sacred – We are no longer focusing on getting BNP to sponsor us. Abhi is now working on a direct agreement with the Ambassador of India. We’ve had some dialog started with Mahaprabhu Das about is art show in Peru in 2018.

Grantsmanship – We are going through the Tutorials for Meta-Soft Corporation for developing $50,000 grants. Solaris seems like good object for looking for grants.

Education in Ancient India Book – Still asking and receiving final articles and waiting for Promo Flyer from RGD.

Kolkatta – Still need to plan with Mukundalila Das, Purusottama-kesava et al, to engage Students et al writing for Solaris.

·       MOE–Seattle Conference – We sent out a basic Program Schedule. Had 45-minute talk with Harilila Das and RGD and now LAD is starting to work on it for the South American participation.

·       ASA

o   TPP-Composition Book, new format, is ready to send to H. H. Satsvarupa Das Goswami.

·       Srill no progress on the NOI transcriptions.

·       Wandering Miscreants: Where-ever you go, whomever you meet, tell them about Krsna, “yare dekhe...”. Take a few books with you. So many chances to give them out.




India stuff is mostly posted or sent to The Nama-acharya Das to post. We have started to do the Annual Reports. Of course, with the Meta-soft work, Blog mail and Disciple Reports, it is a lot of work. Then we want to do something to relax our brains.



No Essay this KDh.

Uncle Gismo


Do an internet search for Principles of Design. These are excellent lessons for Sankirtan.

$$$ - ASA

Next KDh.

Piggy’s Parting Pearls.

‘0’ink ~~  Hare Krsna!   Did this quickly. We get a lot of the news off in Twitter and the Blog, so these KDh may not have as much as before, but they are still essential. Send requests to the Blog and will write poetry and short articles.