Kapi Dhvaja

2017 August 7

Sridhara-purnima – (9.2)


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Wandering Miscreants

Back in the Boro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) with Abhiseka Singh’s Cell-phone, Dr. Desai, Tandavika Das et al. NGDP had an terrible eyeball rupture so he is very much involved in recuperation. We started the Fortnight in Bolivia and then traveled to La Paz, Cuzco, Callao (Lima) where we just finished off all our Peru business in 25-hours and continued to Mexico, Houston, Nashville. Too much to describe it all. Watch the Blog, but Highlights: In Mexico we went to the Temple, saw Radha-Madana-bihari for the salvation and elevation of our soul, gave class, had Prasadam rested in Vidagdha’s house, talked with devotees and continued to Houston for Bhakti-vaibhava programs. It was very nice.

Back in the Boro things are pretty much the way we use them. M. Matsya, Mrs. Desai and Rufus cleaned our cave and stocked it with lots of p-nut butter.

For the last week we have really just been trying to recover our health. It has been 70% success.

Had a local interfaith meeting, good.

Sorted out the results of June 1st to August 1st travel and will describe it below in Sankirtan.

This issue is dedicated to the “Pascatya Desa Tarine: A Journal of the Ministry of Education”.


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Next Kapi Dhvaja = 21st August (Houston)

Here in the Boro until Friday the 19th, then to Houston, Radha Nila-madhava, for a week with Rama-giridhari Das et al.

Back to the Boro, Labor Day Weekend Festival, then . . . night in Houston and off to Bharatavarsa.

Letters to the Editor     

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American Bhagavata Curriculum


·       FMP – Daily 4.30-5.30AM at Startmeeting.com (SM) [Access number 992 055 489]

·       SB with BOISE - Daily Canto One, Chapter Four. Enter the dialog in the Blog.

·       Bhakti-vaibhava Workshop [Europe] – Monday 1.30PM at SM

·       Bhakti-sastri Workshop – Wednesday 7:30-8.30PM at SM.

·       Hawaii SB Classes – Thursday 11-12.15AM. Look for “E-sanga” on the web.

·       ABC Workshop – Saturday 7.30-8.30AM at SM. We are working on our personal Indexes.



·       NIOS

o   Psychology and the Sacred 2017Solaris was published in Spanish we but don’t plan to translate it to English now. Should have had a simultaneous translator for all the presentations so we could have transcribed them. They were all very useful. Waiting for ART to send us Youtube.com link for the summary of the event.

o   Art and the Sacred – After contemplating everything with great energy consumption. Our idea is that we should apply for a $125,000 grant through the Meta-Soft leads to make a movie, Art and the Sacred: A Pilgrim’s Progress. Everyone would be in it. Oscar as Director, Ambarisa Das and HpSwami as Second and Third Best Boy, Anna as Interviewer and Choreographer. I would start with intellectual interview, voice-over scenes; then Ramona considering those ideas could give the cornerstone idea of what is Art and what is Sacred and how to get It.

Then to (New York) London for Shonu Shyamdasani and finishing in Delhi with Kalyan-kumar Cakravarti.

Of course, there is a lot of preliminary work, but so far the idea flys with important guys like ART, 1st Best Boy, NGD Biggest Boy et al. What do you think? For example we want Sita to be painting pictures on walls unnoticed in the background and then wink at everyone in the final credits. Toss your images on the pile. This is a production of Mythical Proportions.


Then we show it at Miraflores in Lima, September-October 2018, with Art Exhibition (included in the movie). 40,000 people/week see the expositions and we apply for a $10-million budget for 2019.

o   Education in Ancient India Book – Bogged down. As our health improves we will go ahead with this important project.

·       MOE – Our idea for the Ministry Journal, Pascatya Desa Tarine, is at: http://www.jayarama.us/archives/Pascatya%20Desa%20Tarine170807.docx and it is scheduled for release. Srila Prabhupada’s avir-bhava-mahotsava (16th Aug).

·       ASA

o   TPP-Composition Books are looking for a format but going ahead.

o   Seems we will get progress on the NOI transcriptions if Abhirama Das pushes them in the Blog.

·       Wandering Miscreants: Where-ever you go, whomever you meet, tell them about Krsna, “yare dekhe...”. Take a few books with you. So many chances to give them out.




We dug up all the little pieces of paper where we had our notes about initiations from this travel. We put them all on one page. We tried three times to scan them which failed so we took a picture of them and attached it to an e-mail for Namacharya Das who will post them to the Guru-tattva file mentioned above. Watch for the changes:

Dandakarayan, Mandara, Adi-yajna (2nd), Sugopi Radha, Sri Natha-krsna Das, Rukmini-sundari DD, Raya-ramananda Das, Apurva sundari DD, Divya-dhrsti Devi Dasi and Recommendations as Aspirants: Carol Morales, Rukmini Sanabria, Juan Thorndike, Miguel Serrano.

Please write to the Blog so we get to know each other better than just these necessary formalities.

Uncle Gismo


SB 3.26.30

Doubt, misapprehension, correct apprehension, memory and sleep, as determined by their different functions, are said to be the distinct characteristics of intelligence.

Sleep is a sign of intelligence. When you are getting headaches from working it is a sign for God you should rest. At 70-years old it is a warning that you may have a brain stroke.


Are we offering Krsna what we need to eat for our service or are we offering Him what He wants to eat and living of those remnants for our service.

If you must each late at night, eat potatoes.

$$$ - ASA

Tomorrow …

Piggy’s Parting Pearls.

Oink! We’re pooped!   5.02PM. Started this seven hours ago. Wrote the Paschatya. In 30-minutes got an interview with a genius, then evening program. To quote LAD if we did this for money we would be millionaires.  Thank Krsna!!!!!