Kapi Dhvaja

2018 April 15

Madhusudana-amavasya (6.1)


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Wandering Miscreants

Hare Krsna! Hare Rama!    The North and South American Tour continues rolling the waves of the Sea and the Wind from the mountains. We were able to do more incredible programs in Buenos Aires (BsAs), and then got into the Aluminum Weiner and flew to Kaur Do Ba. Ambaris and Madhavendra Puri met us there. Then they were joined by their supernatural wives and babies (who all howl and laugh 28-times a day (the babies not the Mothers)).

MPD and Mataji, just finished a great suburban-country ashrama. It is great. About two acres with a resident fox. He eats Prasadam and there is a truce – We don´t kill his children, he doesn´t kill ours.

Walked in the neighborhood in the footsteps of Bh. Bhusana Swami to the chorus of millions of house dogs. Throw bread not rocks.

Full morning and evening programs.

We lived in the attic, like a tree house. Had to swing down on ropes.

Several devotees came for the evening and morning was on line.

Health as been great.

We are getting more and more light-

Our life airs are becoming lighter, stronger and dancing!!!???

Program at a PACKED yoga institute (over 50-people) on Jung and the Bhagavata with Prof. Maximillian Peralata. Sunday Feast. Home Program at M. Sushila Devi Dasi Ashrama. Man people much potential.

Made rough filming of our exercise routine: Hanuman Goes to Lank, not for everybody.

Back in the AW and on to Mar de Plata (Google it). Hour in transit in BsAs. Nobody was really alive. They were all like plastic zombies. Tried to meet people and teach.

Here in MdP we had a packed, packed, packed, turning people away program at a beautiful castle by the sea organized with the municipality. Then a BIG university program that got advertised incorrectly by the Medical School so only 55-people showed up instead of the expected 400, Psychology and the Sacred, but good people!   One lady very happy and big administrator in the University. With here, we, Nikunja et al, will develop Art and the Sacred for the Fall.

Daily programs at the Govardhana village here. We ride to MDP daily for the programs with Pancha-tattva, Adi-yajna, Mangala-ananda and Vijaya Das.

Never seen a more beautiful Temple-Chapel than here. Competes with Barcelona.

Right now we are fighting a fever. No surprise.

You can see little time for Bog letters but we do answer the URGENT ones.

Got teeth cleaned –They are tough and good.

Had full eye check for new glasses – No cataracts and no glaucoma and stigmatism is really small.

YOGA!   Even a Stupid Ass can dance and kick at 70-years old.

O.K  Gotta finish this KDh and start packing for trip back to Rome, BsAs in thirty minutes.



Updated 2018 31st March at: www.jayarama.us/kd/cal.htm

Next Kapi Dhvaja = April 29th.

In Buenos Aires until Friday. Then week-end Lima-Chosica.

Hope to meet Director of National Library and translator of the Red Book in BsAs.

Festival for Sita devi in Peru and meet with our Captains their!

Mexico, Houston, Murfreesboro.

NIOS Nashville Festival is fixed for 20-25th September.

USA West Coast Tour = August-September with SFO Ratha-yatra.

October – Communidad Andena (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador).

November – Chile, Art and the Sacred.

March, 2019 – MayapuraSannyasi, GBC, Guru Sanga (?) and MOE International Meeting.


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American Bhagavata Curriculum

o   Daily and Weekly Programs can be found in the Calendar above but they are all disturbed by the travel. People are broadcasting many, many lectures by Face Book. We have been lecturing on out Bhakti-vedanta Curriculum Development Canto, Seven.

o   Projects

·       NIOS

o   Art and the Sacred (Event and Solaris Magazine) – Distributing pre-event movie. Hope to meet with Ramon is Lima and get his reaction to the movie. It is at www.youtube.com- Search for the “NIOS Image” channel. It is in Spanish now. Entrancing. Hope to have English in a few days.

o   Got strategy letter from Miguel for Dr. Samaresh but is not good, translation. ART is supposed to send a more detailed letter (TTD).

o   Education in Ancient India Book – Dr. has sent all the work to Sanjaya, the formatter.

o   NIOS Nashville – Starting to work on the Annual Festival. It will be the best! Join us!  Friday programs go on! Bhari – Sunday Soul Food programs.

o   WEB PAGE?  www.nionimbus.org

o   Fund Raising – RGD is having regular meetings with Ambica Devi Dasi.

·       MOE [ISKCON Ministry of Education]

o   Viplava (Revolution) #4   Release date is last Purnima in May. Got long article from Russia. Tried with Bala govinda Das two time to reach Vidy-purna Swami to write for it but no result. Need to write to (ttd) Prahlada-nrsmha Das to write an article about Vedabase.com. Radhika is working on #5. Join us.

o   Jayam let’s start number 2.

o   GBC College, Latin America – See Viplavah 4.

o   Zonal Rep Meetings and Alachua Symposium – Seemed to have stopped but after six tries RDG and HPS were able to talk and he says that Visvabara Das is pushing ahead. Bali-mardana Das and HPS have tickets and Radhika will send a super video and be on line for questions. Next we have to wrestle with Vaisesika Das to get his participation.

o   Sastric Education – We were not able to communicate our ideas very well, so still not doing much with Badrinarayana Maharaja but hope during his visit to Bew Biharavan some magic will happen and we can get him into the Anjana Suta Academy.

Working on the Bh. Ved. Development.

Hope the Alachua symposium can be a focus.


·       ASA - Lectures by HpS/ASA by the mercy of Srinatha-krsna Das are at: https://soundcloud.com/user-938973912 and can now be downloaded.

·       Wandering Miscreants: Where-ever you go, whomever you meet, tell them about Krsna, “yare dekhe...”. Take a few books with you. So many chances to give them out.



We are still slowed to almost a standstill in reviewing the Annual Reports. Our eyes can only handle so much computer screen any day, but we will persist.

In spite of all this travel and preaching, or even because of it, we are chanting 16-enthusiatic rounds and usually eating fruit in the morning and saving our porridge for lunch.

We are not Sampradya Acharyas. We still have many desires for Science Fiction, mystical powers, but we are struggling to put the KRSNA book first!!

Uncle Gismo


When you pack, first pack, prepare body, bath.. Then dress, then your NOI around the neck bag, bead bag. Then carry on bag and brief case. Kiss the Blue Baboon goodbye and get in the car with your brief case behind your legs. Chant one Mantra for each telephone pole on the way to the airport and have an ecstatic dialog with the driver.

When you bath in the morning wash you dhoti and uttaria the same time and they will be dry even after the morning program if the room is warm. Was little cold and damp in MDP.

$$$ - ASA

Next issue. Also, Abhirama Das and NIOS Lima should are going to send a financial report to the Blog for the $5000 from the USA and what has been spent and what is due for the Jesuit program and then the rest will go to Palika Devi Dasi to be our treasurer.

Piggy’s Parting Pearls.

It is 16.28. In two minutes we must pack for trip to BsAs. We downloaded the Art and Sacred movie to Bhakti Elite 3x and need to review Dr. Chakraborty’s article to see if is understandable to and English speaker. Bad recording!!