Kapi Dhvaja

2017 September 5

Hrsikesa-purnima – (10.2)


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Wandering Miscreants

We did three Master’s Classes on Bhakti-vaibhava in Houston. Met with Rama-giri-dhari Das, Shyama-sundara Das et al about NIOS and MOE work. Then… back to Nashville and Franklin to Giriraja’s house for one night, Murfreesboro. Working on getting regular Bhagavatam classes going with Boise, giving Hawaii classes. Regular walks with NGD et al, and a special Labor Day weekend 4-hour Kirtan with 65-guests.


Updated 2017 Aug 7th at: www.jayara ma.us/kd/cal.htm

Next Kapi Dhvaja = 19th Sep (Boro)

Here in Murfreesboro until 26th then Houston, India. We have all the tickets until we get back to Nashville on the 11th November.


Letters to the Editor     

www.jayarama.us/kd/lte.htm tells how to contact us.

·       Blog-Mail is caught up.

·       Twitter.com,Huber_Robinson”, very active with several poems.

American Bhagavata Curriculum


·       FMP – Daily 4.30-5.30AM at Startmeeting.com (SM) [Access number 992 055 489]. SB - Daily Off-line We are working with the Bhakti-vedanta Curriculum Development Team, now on SB 7.2, next week 3, then 4 and trying to integrate it with the Temple program in Boise.

·       Bhakti-vedanta Workshop [Europe] – Monday 1.30PM at SM

·       Bhakti-sastri Workshop – Wednesday 7:00PM at SM.

·       Hawaii SB Classes – Thursday 11.00AM. Look for “E-sanga.org” on the web.

·       ABC Workshop – Saturday 9.00AM at SM. We are working on Bhakti-vedanta Curriculum Development.



·       NIOS

o   Psychology and the Sacred 2017– ART sent us Youtube.com link for the summary of the event. Search www.youtube.com for “II international symposium psychology sacred”.

o   Art and the Sacred Ambika Devi Dasi will help NGD and RGD and us apply the $125,000 grant, Art and the Sacred: A Pilgrim’s Progress. Dr. Kalyakumar Chakravarty sent us some relevant papers he has written and we will share them with youall for your ideas. We trying to collect nice interview topics with Oscar that we can give to people in India and then interview them when we are there.

o   Education in Ancient India Book – Sent rough format to Professor but his eyes can’t handle the screen, so we will send hard copy when we reach India.

·       MOE –Ministry Journal, Viplava (Revolution), was released in a 87% finished format on Radha-astami and now RGD is supposed to send black and white copy etc tomorrow.

·       ASA

o   We are still doing hand drafted Journals and mailing them to random victims. Also sending some pages by Twitter.

o   Seems we will get progress on the NOI transcriptions if Abhirama Das pushes them in the Blog.

·       Wandering Miscreants: Where-ever you go, whomever you meet, tell them about Krsna, “yare dekhe...”. Take a few books with you. So many chances to give them out.




Doing 16-nice rounds daily and trying to get stable offerings for Lord Nrsmhadeva!

Uncle Gismo



When we have regular cooking pots it is easy to cook regular offerings for Krsna.

$$$ - ASA

In-Out 2017 Aug 9 – Sept 7

Donations+ 506[16,585]

Donations- 0[1158]

Postal- 16[70]

Bhoga- 50[302]

Supplys- 32[215]

Travel- 621[7000]

Telephone- 23[660]

Occupancy- 80[860]

BBT- 0[66]

Professional Fees- 0[66]


Account Balances Sept 7

Cash and Bank = 6,218

Due from NIOS = 2,000

Credit Card = -292

BALANCE = 7926

Piggy’s Parting Pearls.

Hare Krsna. It is 10.02PM. Oink!  We are two days late with this Kapi-Dhvaja because we got confused and didn’t realize that Visvarupa-mahotsava was the same as Purnima. We are putting time into the Blog and Twitter for communication. See you there!