Kapi Dhvaja

2018 Februrary 15

Govinda-amavasya (4.1)


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Wandering Miscreants

Hare Krsna!    Now we are in Atlanta. This KDh is actually being written on Sunday noon, 18th Februrary. We got lost control of our Donkey and couldn’t get him to the right destination at the right time.

In the Boro we were in a panic to pack everything for this 10-weeks tour: Visa, USB files, clothes, cookies, turn off the water and drain the pipes so they don’t freeze and crack. . . .

Then at 7AM Manjari, NGD esteemed daughter, and Rtadhvaja Swami showed up at the door (we don’t ride alone with girls) and we went to where the Greyhound bus was supposed to pick us up.

·      There was no station.

·      There was no sign.

·      There was no address on the web-page, just, “500 Block”, Awk!


Waited. Waited. Past the posted time. Used the bus tracker App on the web, called the bus company robot. Went through two reps and finally they told us, “Oh, that route has been cancelled for 7-hours. There is snow in Chicago!”.


Oooof!!!!   Why didn’t you let us know.   Well for $25 for the ticket what do you expect.

P A N I C!   Have to get to Atlanta!    Brazil Visa appointment!!!

Plane = $500, Auto rental = $80, but have to pick it up in Nashville drive to Atlanta (5 hours)…   Boutique Airlines!  After two attempts we booked a ticket for $101 at 5.30PM.

Do you want to hear more?




[o.k. Read or scan ahead.]


We were able to go to the bank!  Good. Our bank does not have branches in Georgia, Virginia nor Texas!!    The water was turned off in the Cave so we were basically in transit with emergency water from 7AM to 3PM.


Rtadhvaja Swami drove us in M. Matsya devi dasi’s new van, NGD’s esteemed wife (we don’t drive alone with girls), to the airport, 40-minutes, and then we were two hours in the transit lounge.

We chanted one Maha-mantra for each gent that passed by (we don’t look at girls (too much)).

Then three of us. . .

Yes!  Three of us got on the airplane.

Us and two gay African-American ladies (gay as in jolly not homo-sexual (or bi-sexual)).

The airplane was only eight seats and very trim.

The pilot and co-pilot were men (otherwise I guess we would have had to refuse to fly).

It was the most fun we remember having in 40-years.

Little tough airplane.

Took off!   Zoom!!  Right up in the air in 125-feet, break through the clouds… beautiful red, yellow, violet.. sunset. Bouncing along gayly. Monkey played the piano App on our cell phone.

Landed in some gay little Podunk town in the middle of nowhere (no offense intended) and picked up another African American lady and a professional baseball player.

It was so much fun, we talked to everyone (even with the girls for a short time for preaching purposed only). Almost distributed a book.

Bhima picked us up. Got to the Temple and our campsite by 10PM (=15 hours in transit. Suspicious commencement of our tour).

Great Shiva ratri program in the Temple with 35-guests. Ksiram yatB.Samhita. First day two devotees (including Bhima) for Mangala arati, but couple more came in later.

Every day after that more and more come and earlier.

Think our enthusiastic association may be the cause.. (?).

Mangala-arati has been gay every day.

Packed-up Friday night program at Georgia Tech. Best engineering university in the State  -  Jung and the Bhagavata.

Full evening programs, classes each morning. Talking with the different GBC, Temple political faction.

Some are supporters of Rukmini, some Satyabhama!

Prasadam pretty well adjusted.

Some, little too many, cookies.

Sunday Feast will be within three hours. Radha Madana-mohan are very beautiful. Gaura-Nitai (center alter (New Pannihatti Dhama (big book distribution heritage (Srila Prabhupada was here for three days (photos and intense consciousness of his visit)))) are not so happy with our lazy, greedy nature. We chant and accept their criticism as undeserved mercy (tat te numkampam..).

Oh, yeah!   We also had to select, unpack, buy and upload the software for a new computer for Swami Vedasara Das so we would have one. He is and Balabhadra Das are extreme preachers.

We’ve been busy!


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Next Kapi Dhvaja = March 1st .

Started our 10-week North and South America Tour. Next Richmond and then Houston.

Added details.

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Uncle Gismo


Buy 48-one ounce pack boxes of Planter’s Peanuts, offer them to Krsna and distribute the Prasada. Mr. Peanut! He has a third eye, a Danda and a graceful three fold bending popular. No wonder he has been trusted and appreciated for 100-years.

$$$ - ASA

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3.34PM.   We had to update the Calendar. Compose 27% of the Viplavah etc. Little head ache. Now it’s time for the Sunda Feast. Here we go.